There used to be a time when NCO's would create incredible training products and share them with the rest of the Army, to create a stronger fighting force. Many websites used to exist to facilitate this, but have monetized over the years. I am creating this website to bring back the days when NCO's would pour their souls into facilitating an amazing block of instruction with their only payment being the satisfaction of helping others. This will bring back a time when we could share our work in a non-profit space.


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This site is still under construction! I still have a lot of work to do for this website to be even remotely operational. My intent is to keep you as informed as possible during this process. The following are the PCC's that must be completed before I launch this site.

We need a basic collection of classes on launch day. Kind of a useless site without that...

  • Map Reading Class

  • Call for Fire Class

  • OPORD Class

  • Leadership Class

  • Training Management Basic Class

  • Training Management Intermediate Class

  • Casualty Evacuation Class

  • Machine Gun Theory Class

  • Counseling Class

  • Army Writing Class


And one day, hundreds more...

Learning how to create, format and host a website is an entire task on its own. Creating this website is a slow process, and it will be completed one piece at a time.

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