Here is where you will find our collection of power point classes that are designed to be facilitated to an audience. There will be two categories, first is editor approved classes, these are very thorough classes designed by myself, refined after numerous AAR's and approved for release by legal. My intent for these classes is to build an easily recognizable name and "feel" for these classes, so that Soldiers will immediately recognize it as a SergeantsTimeTraining.org product and know that it will be a reliable resource. Each class will come in a package of three products. Part 1 is the .ppt download itself, which will always remain free for all to use. Second is a YouTube video of the class being taught, the purpose of these videos is to show how to class was intended to be taught from start to finish. And the final part of the class package is the Training Support Package (TSP) This is a comprehensive and thorough write up of all the information pertaining to the class, to include check on learning questions, talking points and all references required to conduct a great block of instruction.
The second portion of "TEACH OTHERS" is user submitted classes. I want this to be a place where we as NCO's can share our work for the benefit of others and continue our own self development. User submitted classes will not receive the SergeantsTimeTraining.org stamp of approval until it meets very specific requirements, and has been checked for accuracy and substance. The reason for this is to push our NCO's to try and create the best possible product.
Stay tuned as I continue to refine and develop this page.